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Idem Health Products  is one of the growing Pharmaceutical Company specializing in Prescription drugs and OTC Products. Idem Health Products is a pharmaceutical company that has integrated, research-based marketing with a wide range of quality, affordable generic medicines, trusted by healthcare professionals and patients across the globe.

Partnering life and engendering hope, we believe that access to quality healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Our Endeavor is to ensure the availability of world class, quality medicines at affordable prices, across the globe. We are committed to working towards a healthier & happier world.

Our Mission

Simple and Motivated

To improve the quality of life of patient
To make healthcare for all
To make healthcare innovations more innovative
To give healthcare some extra care
To make medicines constantly good rather being occasionally brilliant.
To create new opportunities.

Our Vision

Very Crisp and Clear

To make medicine simpler, Alleviation of the sufferings of mankind, availability of the medicines to all at affordable price without any discrimination and continued efforts to improve the quality of the medicines are our values

Little More About Us

Over the years, Idem Health Product has evolved into a knowledge-driven company and has been growing to become one of the India’s most respected pharmaceutical Companies. We are committed to delivering better health through superior products, by combining strategic and in-depth industry knowledge, Idem Health Product aims to transform itself into a leading pharmaceutical company with an increasing focus on cutting-edge research and developing markets with ensuring a firm foundation and innovative marketing strategies and with a clutch of loyal customers.

Idem Health Product believes in gaining volume and market share in every business/segment we enter with a robust business model, seamless processes, and innovative thinking, Idem Health Product is positioned to take on challenges of the future while remaining firmly rooted in a solid foundation of values.
Idem is headquartered in New Delhi, and has a powerful element of social responsibility inscribed in its' values and its' concern for the society beyond its' business motives. Backed by a highly capable and motivated team that looks into administration, sales, marketing, maintenance, etc., it is also supported by a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants to gain an edge over the others in the market.

Idem Health Product is open for strategic alliances in joint ventures with companies for an exchange of technology, alliance with reputed companies for marketing their products in India. We are all poised to maintain an exponential growth which is secure in careful hands. We have well planned charted out a course for the future, of entering into joint ventures, on technology transfer and business exploration. The future as we see it has more than the world in store for us, for we have well-planned courses to combat the challenges thrown up by the forces of globalization and technological advancement. In other words, we seek a vision beyond the existing horizons. Our commitment to mankind goes beyond our commercial objective,

Idem Health Product has emerged to be an ideal choice for forming a sustainable relationship and has today evolved into a fully integrated, healthcare group, marking its presence in India and dotting various major markets across the globe. We proudly possess product registration with major health and govt. institutions. Headed and represented by a team of skilled industry experts with impressive educational backgrounds and broad experience, Idem Health Products continues to spread its wings in expansion in the domestic markets with a vision beyond the existing horizon to stand among the leading Indian Health Care products distribution Companies.

Idem Health Products Private Limited

Plot No 2, Vishal Market, West Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi-110009, India

Phone: +91-11-45642112
Email: info@idem.co.in

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