Domestic Product Portfolio

We are focused on comprehensive, diverse and highly complementary multi-product portfolio, and are becoming marketing conglomerate across. We take utmost care to understand the needs of our customers and this enables us to develop innovative quality products at an affordable cost. With formulations forming the core of Idem Healthcare's business, the company has several Pharma and OTC Products that address relevant and growing therapeutic areas like Gastroenterology, Anti-bacterial, Anti-infective and Pain management and all other major product segments like Analgesics, Skin Care, Antipsychotics, Antiasthmatics, Antacids, Dental and Nutritionals. We at Idem Healthcare are committed to providing affordable pharmaceutical products of global quality standards to patients all over the world.

Aserp Tablet

Aceclofenac 100mg & Serratiopeptidase 15mg & Paracetamol 325 mg in Tablet Form

Aserp TH-4 Tablet

Aceclofenac 100mg & Thiocolchicoside 4mg in Tablet

Calcidem Tablets

Calcium Carbonate 500 mg & Vitamin D3 400 IU & EPA 90mg & DHA 60mg & Methylcobalmin 1500mcg & Folic Acid 400 mcg In Tablet 

Calciflex Tablet

Coral Calcium 500mg & Vitamin K2-7 50 mcg & Vitamin D3 400 I.U in Tablet

Clik Capsule

Lycopene 16mg & Green Tea Extract 300mg eq. to Polyphenols 150mg & Beta Carotene BP 10% (Dispersion) 10mg & Calcium Ascorbate USP 50mg & Selenium Dioxide Monohydrate IP 70 mcg & Zinc Sulphate Monohydrated 27.45 mg & Vitamin E(50%) 10mg in Capsule

Clik LC Tablet

Co-Enzyme Q10 50mg & L-Carnitine 500mg & Methycobalamin 750mcg & Lycopene 5000mcg in Tablet

Clik Syrup

Mutivitamin & Multimineral Syrup

D3-Next Tablet

Cholecalciferol 60000 I.U.Mouth Dissolving Orange Flavor In Tablet

Esotec D Capsule

Esomeprazole 20mg and Domperidone 30mg in Capsule

Esotec Tablet

Esomperazole 40mg In Tablet.


Etoricoxib 90 mg in Tablet

Exocaine Injection

Lignocaine Hydrochloride IP 24.64 mg & Adrenaline IP 0.0125mg (As Adrenaline Bitarate) IP & Methylparaben (As Preservative) 1mg In Injection

Flag Tablet

Ofloxacin 200mg & Ornidazole 500mg In Tablet

Flexix Tablet

Trypsin 48mg & Bromelain 90 Mg & Rutoside Trihydrate BP 100mg In Tablet

Goflex Sachet

Bioactive Collagen Peptide 10mg & Glucosamine Sulphate 1500mg & Vitamin C 35 Mg In Orange Flavour In Powder

Idem- Green Toothpaste

Herbal Tooth Paste Containing : Water Based Extract Of Chhoti Elaichi, Lavang, Neem, Babool, Tomar, Mint, Dalchini in Flavored Paste Base.

Idem- Numb

Lidocaine USP 15% w/w In Liquid Spray

Ketoq-DT Tablet

Ketorolac Tromethamine 10 mg in Dispersible Tablet

Medent Mouth Wash

Potassium Nitrate 3.0% w/w & Sodium Fluoride 0.2% w/w In Flavoured Base

Medent Paste

Potassium Nitrate 5.0% w/w & Sodium Monofluoro Phospate 0.7% w/w & Triclosan 0.3% w/w in Gel Base

Medhex Plus

Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.20% w/v,  & Sodium Fluoride IP .05% w/v & Zinc Chloride IP .09% w/v

Mediclav 625 Tablet

Amoxcillin 500mg & Clavulanic Pottasium 125mg in Tablet

Medikuf Syrup

Phenylpherine 5mg & Dextromethorphan 10mg & Cetrizine 5mg & Menthol 1.5mg in Syrup base

Nexacaine Suspension

Magnesium Hydroxide 300mg I.P & Dried Al. Hydroxide Gel IP 600mg & Simethicone IP 25mg & Oxetacaine BP 10mg In Sugar Free Flavoured Syrup Base

Nexacef-O Tablet

Cefixime 200mg & Ofloxacin 200mg In Tablet


Lactic Acid-1.2%, Sorbitol-1.0%, Tea Tree Oil- 0.05%, Aloe Vera Gel-2%, Sea Buckthorn Oil-0.025% In Liquid Soap


Carica Papaya Extract 350mg & Tinospora Cardifolia Extract 150mg In Tablet

Tanid Gumpaint

Tannic Acid BP 2% w/v & Zinc Chloride IP 1% w/v & Cetrimide IP 0.1% w/v & Lignocaine Hydrochloride IP 2% w/v in Flavored Glycerin Base

Toqu Tablet

Tramadol Hydrochloride 37.5mg & Acetamenophen 325mg in Tablet

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