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At Idem,  Human Resource development has always been a Priority, as we believe that our biggest assets are the employees, who lead us to prosperity and growth in the future.  Idem believes in cultivating human values and employs professionals not just for their knowledge and experience but for their zeal to make a difference. That is Why We Call them


It defines the way we do things at Idem Healthcare in most Optimistic Way. Every “IDEMIST” work approach to do things with Optimist and Positive way in their work role and with people. The core objective of Idem  has been to build organizational capability through skill enhancement across levels, sales force training and enhancing competencies in line with changing business needs. There has also been a focus on strengthening existing, middle and senior leadership and Aim to build a high performing workforce, which is ready to face opportunities and challenges thrown up by the forces of globalization and technological advancement.

Idem  takes pride in helping you build a career for yourself by giving you opportunities to learn, perform and grow. The technical and quality demands of pharma combined with the vision to grow significantly over the next few years, drive the need for the company to build an agile, engaged, and energized workforce. Our Regular meetings, conferences, training programs are held to make the field force apt to the technical knowledge, market scenario, and existing market trends. Our Continuous training sharpens the skills and upgrades our manpower, while doing this, we continue to retain focus on company values and its core philosophy of placing people before profits. 

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