4 Early Childhood Dental Issues That Every Parent Must Know

Deciduous teeth are very important and need proper care. Ignorance of early childhood dental health may lead to serious dental problems in the future. Here are some of the common dental health issues with children: NURSING BOTTLE CARIES: Occurs when a baby’s teeth are exposed to often sugar especially with milk in a baby bottle. Also includes sugar from drinks such as juices, milk and milk formulas. Sugar in mouth gives bacteria fuel to cause tooth decay Damaged or decayed…

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Do You Know Dental Caries Are Contagious?

Sugar-laden candy bars aren’t the only cause of cavities. Tooth decay actually results when bacteria in your mouth feed on food debris (starchy, sticky foods are a primary culprit) and produce acid as a by-product. This mix of food, acid, saliva, and germs clings to your teeth as a filmy substance called plaque, which can erode teeth enamel and cause cavities to form. These germs can spread from mouth to mouth via shared food and utensils, sneezing, kissing, and more.…

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